Green Consumerism???

25 01 2008


Or:, Eco-Junk

This is a link to the article by George Monbiot, about green consumerism (criticism thereof). I think it’s brilliant! Perhaps debate-encouraging.






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20 02 2008

Got round to reading the blog at last.

This is a real challenge to our lifestyles: to our consumption, to our complacency, to our transport choices (air transport being the fastest growing source of greenhouse gasses and the largest contributer to the emissions of the ‘middle classes’ – for want of a better word). Where does it leave those of us in the corporate world whose job is to produce the stuff that people consume and to per sued them that they need more and more of it.

I am a growing fan of the carbon rationing action groups – – We are now into our second year in our group and I would encourage folks to start their own groups wherever they are. Just counting how much carbon I use makes me much more aware of my impacts and helps me make different decisions. We are , for instance, still without a car, despite plenty of frustrations with wanting one for the complicated processes of taking kids to swimming, and various other activities, and despite the long cold wet nights we had this winter. Having a group I feel somewhat accountable to on carbon expenditure was useful to dissuade me from going out and getting a car of my own!

However quality of life is no worse and probably better. Sitting in a bus/train and chatting and playing with the kids is better than being in a car with them strapped into the back and me off in a world of my own in the front.

Bringing in the Spirituality thing. i have been really excited by a book i am reading at the moment: ‘When Enough is Enough: a Christian framework for sustainability’
It gives a great overview of the issues and theory of sustianability but has some great chapters on a Christian theology of sustainability. A life-changing read. We all need to consume less and start a process of radical lifestyle change.

14 03 2008

I completely agree with you Kat the only way to battle consumerism is community building. Individualy your decission of not having a car would lead to frustration, but if the raionale of not having a car is cotinualy supported by the community this would then become a sensible decission.

If there are enough communities coming to terms with the realities and challenges of climate change, we would have appropriate polcies in place.

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