Gandhi, Globalisation and Climate Change

17 02 2008


Increase  in profits, increase in consumption,  higher salary, growth, growth and more growth. River,air, forest, animals, humans everything is a commodity and even at this time of a global crisis we are trying to negotiate and buy our planet back. Unfortunately we can not buy our eco system again, but we can certainly save it.

Gandhi, like many other accomplished beings, recognised source of all human misery as ‘greed’. This greed which colonisation of the world, this greed has made the world suffer many wars including the two world wars, the same greed is now allowing corporations in the form of neo-colonist to exploit the worlds natural resources,  this very greed has led to the sub – prime mortgage crisis ( this crisis will be having global affects, with trillions of dollars worth debt being wiped out ), and this devilish greed will lead to a permanent ecological imbalance not a mere change in climate.

Globalisation as a phenomena has had various impacts on us, yes it has brought us closer, we have had technological breakthroughs  which were inconceivable. At the same time corporations have an portunity to exploit resources in the third world and elsewhere at a much greater rate. Economies of scale led industrialisation  has left power with the very few as the ricest 20% own 80% of the global wealth, they also pollute than an average third world citizen. Orgnaisations like Coke which is 10 times the annual GDP of India is bent upon mining India’s ground water, for producing a product for the elite and at the same time drying the life source of the farmers.

What has been responsible for such a rapid industrialisation………….blood of Iraq, Sudan,Kuwait, Afganistan, yes the three letter world which drives the world, Oil.

Since the 1850’s this magic portion has revoultinesd the way we live!and allowed us to be more greedy. Where does this magic portion come from, well it is decay of millions of years, whe the atmosphere of the earth was very different, and what have we done within a period 150 years allowed most of this magic portion into our atmosphere.

The result will not be a mere change in climate, but a complete imbalance in  nature’s cycle maintaining living conditions. All is not lost, and there is a solution, but it will not be prescriptive. This solution lies in our experiment with the truth, this is our inner journey  for finding peace. This peace will be the inner joy and feeling of bliss by understanding our relationship with mother nature.





One response

24 02 2008

The only constant thing in this universe is change. Things never stop moving. Particles, ants, humans, planets.. all is in motion. Increasing solar activity adds more to planets’ global warming rather than CO2 emissions.

However, that still doesn’t justify consuming more than one needs to be happy. I believe that happiness is a state of mind, not a consumption product made in China.


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