What is the Time :)?:)

12 04 2008

The concept of time has been so critical to the evolution of modern human race, but very few have understood its conceptual significance.


While chatting with my uncle on cosmology (he is particle physicist by qualification), we discussed the concept of time in greater depth. He told me that time is conceptually the motion of particles. Under Newtonian physics the motion of particles is governed within the paradigm of certain principles. However at the quantum level, things are no longer the same (thus the motion and the frequency can no longer be predicted with the same level of accuracy), so at the nanoscale time is just an approximation. 


Thus by itself time as unit loses its real meaning due to the relative nature of particles whose motion would not be uniform , and might get affected various other forces at the quantum level.


 However the significance of time can definitely be seen as an embodiment of change (Resurgance, 2008), for that matter indigenous people would quantify change as time (change in seasons, change in the face of the moon, etc).


 For us in the postmodern world time has divorced from nature, as changes in nature’s cycle no longer affect our lifestyle, in way that mirrors our general sense of alienation from the world (lack of interconnectedness).


Time elapses with heightened consciousness (greater awareness of the spiritual and astral self which makes us more connected).


As  time and change are cyclical, there is no past, present or future. Everything is in a circular flow of energy.


The world which we see around is a tiny perception of this fluctuating astral cognitive rhythm of energy. The more we let go of our inhibitions and bigoted vision, the more we are able to perceive and expand our cognitive abilities and experience the dynamic flow of energy.   



The realisation of this cyclical nature of the universe gives us freedom from the fears (fear of losing or parting with something) which come with the  flux in energy, as we are able to come to terms with the change which follows a constant pattern. Thus everything changes yet everything is the same.