Life in a breath

5 06 2008
I dream to sail
across the heavens and
and the oceans
I dream to be free
from the ties of worldly desire
Will flow like a river
the soul in me,
an urge to feed the empty darkness
with the radiant light of compassion.
Yet I am here, battling the world
living by the rules, trying to be a good man
Is this me, do I desire this existence
of mere living with hope, that one day I will be free.
Or is this me on a journey of preparation,
of experiencing pain and pleasure,
learning to create light in darkness.
Why do I feel so confused at times, when even in silence
there is anarchy of thought.
Have I burdened myself with the intellectual rigour, to find logic
in all that god gives me, why cant I be his humble servant and be thankful for
the abundance that he provides in every breathe of my life.