Is money bad for your soul?

28 07 2008

By Economicsfairy


I feel that, unfortunately, in many religious belief systems money is regarded as something “bad”. Well, maybe not really bad, but something a bit dirty, and, hm, yes, you need it, but you shouldn’t want it too much. And people who have “too much” money (whatever that is) are regarded a bit suspiciously. How did their wealth come about? Hopefully, they didn’t exploit anyone …


What a poor, miserable idea that is!


Why not simply see money as a tool that you can use to create good things? Money is just another form of energy, so you should try to attract as much as possible with all your power (in a fair way and then using it wisely, of course). Why the hell should it ruin your character or be an obstacle “on the way to God” (as some religious people think)?


So get as much money as you can, become bloody rich, set up your own foundation and go change the world! If I had to make a choice between being poor, powerless and spiritual – or rich, powerful and spiritual, I would always go for the latter …!


Spiritual and material wealth (inner and outer wealth) can go perfectly together.




One response

29 07 2008

Partialy agree with you Dorte, some times people need to satisfy their material desires before they can let go of them. In mythology most gods have been associated with wealth and oppulance. At the same time gurus like Buddha had enjoyed the comforts of wealth (born a prince) before becoming a monk.

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