Pubs and Churches

14 08 2008

By Teasome



I visited a friend of mine, a proper English gentleman, in Saffron Walden, Essex, a tiny pretty English village. First and foremost, of course, we had a glass of wine in the local Rose and Crown. My friend explained to me that there have traditionally two centres for a community: a local church and a local pub. So I find it highly ironic that pubs are being… Sorry, churches are being so successfully, as you say, converted into pubs. So instead of ‘church+pub’ we now have ‘church=pub’. I am not a big fan of the church as an institution, but frankly speaking, what an awful idea.










One response

14 08 2008

I just used the notion that churches are being converted into pubs as quite a funny example of how in our time “power through religion” lost the battle against “power through economics”. It’s a good symbol for the transition.

As to my liking of it: I think people can be spiritual everywhere, they don’t need a certain building or a certain book or a guy with long red (or white or black) robes for that. If some people have really good discussions in those church pubs that even touch their souls and bring them closer together, then God might be more present in that moment than in an empty church with a bored audience. Also, very often “worldly buildings” are used for meetings, events, conferences of the religious world.

Again, it all depends on what is going on INSIDE the people.

I experienced a nice merger of the two worlds when I organised a Rumi poetry event together with a lady who runs an oriental cafe. We had such a great evening where you could feel that souls where being touched, but still: people enjoyed the good food in the cafe as well, and my friend made some money.

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