Economics of War

21 08 2008

by Rizab

Last night I had a feverish discussion with tea on the prospective of a third world war. With U.S.,trying to put pressure on Russia, by trying to create a military base in Poland ( according to media sources in Russia ), and tense negotiations among the top political officials in the region.

It makes me wonder on how come the world just does not get enough of the anguish and pain of war. Even in times of peace the world economy spends most of its resources on preparing for war by investing in arms and ammunition in trillions of dollars .

 With majority of the people dyeing of hunger and many more of  getting deprived of a basic education, the G8 ( The worlds most economically advanced nations) and the BRIC ( The four emerging economic powerhouses, Brazil, Russia, India, China ) feel ashamed in putting 2-3% of their GDP’s on human resource development, and arrogantly invest in toys which destroy human lives. For some countries the world has become a play ground to display their sadist desire, by displaying destruction with their toys. 

What is driving this madness? is it profitability of the defence sector, which is able to see profit in making warheards for destroying peoples lives, or is it fear and insecuirty which exists even today after so many years of globalisation and claiming that planet earth is a homogenous and harmonious planet?




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