9 09 2008

By Teasome

It’s a bit scary. Oil has peaked or will peak soon, whatever. Wars for oil are inevitable anyway. They have already been led for a long time (since people discovered oil, perhaps), and they will persist and become more fierce and cruel.

Russia has a lot of oil. Consider the way the US government deals with oil shortage: name an oil-rich country’s regime undemocratic, overturn it by force, and gain the power over it. Extrapolate, and it’s easy to predict what will happen. Consider that recently the political regime in Russia has become extremely undemocratic – from the American government’s point of view, naturally. Extrapolation works?

To spark off a war with Russia would be too much in political sense. Of course, it’s easy for the rest of the world to murmur approvingly when the Russian regime is being attacked; but to actually start military actions against a Christinal country with acknowledged market economy and enormous mutual investment would mean a dramatic loss of political points. The problem is, while oil is becoming more scarce, political points matter less. In the face of scarce oil, the power will be not with the one who has more political credit with the rest of the world, but with the one who has a better bomb. A more effective one, or better few, the most advanced and expensive.

Bleak isn’t it. All this makes me think: ok, the most pessimistic scenario works out, Russia is invaded and destroyed by America, China, whoever. Fine. While I’m writing this, I should check on the Internet: how many people get killed per second all over the world? Why should I think that my country is any better than any other? Why is it more worthy of remaining intact than any other?

I think that the moment a nation or an ethnic group, or a tribe, becomes extinct, a voice is lost in the universal chorus. That voice cannot be replaced. It has a message which no other nation, ethnic group or tribe can deliver to the humankind. The humankind becomes forever deprived of a certain knowledge, which hinders its development, if not questions survival.

So, judging from the amount of wars we’ve had and nations, ethnic groups and tribes become extinct, I’m not surprised the survival of the human race is under a big question.

Not that I’m in an especially bleak mood today 🙂 Though the weather is rubbish in St.Peters today actually, yes.




2 responses

25 09 2008

Hi T,

what about Russia’s aggressions? I think that it’s a bit more realistic to fear another “event” like Georgia in August, isn’t it? And Iran is also a potential source for more trouble on the world stage at the moment.

Okay, I’m writing this after the Wall Street crash … Today it’s quite easy to say that we will not have to fear so much from the USA in the future. (Apart from triggering a recession in many parts of the world, of course.)

On the other hand: While US finance, economy, morals, politics, visions, whatever … are totally rotten, they are still a military superpower. So who knows … maybe one final war to get whatever they can from the rest of the world, until they vanish from the world scene.

But at the moment I think we should have a closer look at Russia in terms of military aggression.

18 02 2009

I don’t know the truth about Georgia. I know that what BBC shows is b***t, and what Russian news shows is also b***t. Independent sources suggest many opinions.


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