Ten good news about the US stock market crash

21 09 2008

By Economicsfairy

Yes, I know, it’s all very sad and shocking and unfair and guess who the hell will pay for this disaster and it’s a crisis of credibility and a system crisis and the world will come to an end anyway, but, hey: look at the positive side of things:


1)      It wasn’t a plane that flew into Wall Street – so they can’t blame Osama bin Laden this time.

2)      Americans will have to save so much in the coming years, that they will not be able to travel Europe in vast numbers.

3)      Americans will have to save so much that many of them will considerably loose weight which will increase the number of good looking men in the world market.

4)      The USA are so bankrupt by now that they will not be able to invade other countries for quite a while.

5)      This crisis will offer lots of interesting PhD research positions for all of us who are or will be unemployed soon: “The link between too much cocaine use and the world economy – a multidisciplinary sociomedicalpsychoeconomic analysis”

6)      The US government can never ever again turn down people who demand a few quid for a social or ecological project with the excuse that “there is no money”.

7)      Socialism is not dead: The USA are currently turning into a socialist country with all the wretched banks they’ve bought themselves. (Hey nostalgic Eastern Germans: Get a Green Card – now!)

8)      George Bush’s final speech will be even more hilarious than we already anticipated.

9)      A strange riddle could finally be solved: The “American Dream” is an expression to describe people working under the influence of drugs.

10)  Many Americans will loose their homes; but: Don’t worry, be smart – just buy shares of trailer producing companies this time!




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28 09 2008

You are hilarious ((-:

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