700 billion dollar …

25 09 2008

By Economicsfairy

Thought that after all that sarcasm I should get back to business. What does it mean, 700 billion dollar, for the developing world and for ending the incredible hunger, violence and injustice on this planet?

700 billion dollar (and probably much more, who knows) …

… twice the size of the combined GDP of the 49 poorest countries in the world

… the equivalent of seven years of foreign aid

… 30 times the US aid budget

… 14 times the extra aid money needed to achieve the Millenium Development Goals

If it is possible to fundraise enough money to “fix the mistakes” of this financially and morally rotten US polit-business oligarchy, there must be money to end worldwide poverty as well.

We need to become more couragious and bold. And the Americans need to look after their “democracy” more carefully, in their own interest and in the interest of the worldwide community.

After all, whose planet is it?




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