You’ll Be Surpised

18 11 2008

By Teasome

This is in a way related to Dorte’s appeal to action (see What the Hell is Spirinomics below). Though it goes outside the frameworks of a website and into the most real life.

There is this centre in Switzerland, Caux sur Montreux. It’s a beautiful castle on top of a mountain, and in summers an organisation called Initiatives of Change runs conferences there. There is one conference called Trust and Integrity in Global Economy. Check it out here:

 Or  if this doesn’t work, go to website and find TIGE there.

 I’ve been to Caux twice, for other conferences and as a volunteer doing some office work. I know this organisation for 7 years and got a lot of friends there. I recommend you Caux because of a very, very unique atmosphere. It’s got tons of spirituality in it, it’s soaked through with spirituality. Chance to meet good people, too, and create something together. Great community spirit, either. You’ll be surprised.

One drawback is that it costs around 75 euros per night, so the whole stay would turn out something like 500 euros. Plus tickets to get to Geneva and from there to Caux. For those of us who work and stay in Europe it’s probably manageable. For others – we’ll need to think something… Perhaps there are some ways of fundraising. I can find out!!!!

But anyway, I REEEEEEEEALLY recommend it, and it would be smashing if we could get together there! It would be an absolutely fabulous reunion.

Have a look, the application should be made in spring I think, march or april………… Let me know what you think, and I’ll find out for you whatever you need.


It’s okay that a crappy system dies: Let go!

17 11 2008

 By Economicsfairy

Right in the middle of today’s doom and gloom, I found this here: “The Five Stages of Collapse” (by someone who survived the fall of the Soviet system and therefore must know what he is talking about). He believes that “financial pyramid schemes and globalized comsumerism” are done. (Well, so do I 😉 And that’s the good part of the news, right?

Anyway, even though the title may sound rather apocalyptic, it’s actually a great piece. It’s very honest about the current economic situation which I think is good because there is no point denying what’s happening all around us. Unfortunately, most of our politicians still pretend that they can do something to “rescue” the economies. Rescuing a nearly dead patient. They don’t seem to have understood the trouble we’re in or they don’t want to talk about it. Which is somehow funny, but also scary. I mean what does it help if you suffer from a terminal illness and you just try to make everyone believe that you are fine?

This piece is honest, but at the same time encouraging: It’s all about how the collapse will come and happen, about its different stages, how certain things are inevitable – but also full of hope.

It’s about how the extraordinary difficult times that we are entering can bring change – the change this world needs so badly. How people can help each other, what we can do to protect us, how neighbourhood support can develop, communities, “alternative living arrangements”, how we can learn to carry each other through this chaos when even the state might not be able to function properly at some point.

It is a kind of survival guide from an experienced surviver. A manual for collapse. About how we can live with less and develop characteristics that are better for us and the world.

We might even see the beginning of a new era if we manage to transform the coming chaos and possible darkness.

For the more “spiritual” people among you: Think of the situation as if the universe presented us with a great opportunity to train abilities like: letting go, taking care of each other, finding out about what truly matters … Not easy at all, but demanding. And fulfilling.

All right then, don’t you worry: Apocalypse, here we come!!!

And remember what the Chinese say: Embrace Tiger, Return to the Mountain … 😉

What the hell is Spirinomics?

1 11 2008

By Economicsfairy


Folks, there is so much going on in the world at the moment that one should write three articles every day about it. I would love to, but sorry, I just don’t have the time for it – and I’m so worried about the overall situation and potential underlying reasons that I need a lot of time already for finding out as much as possible on the background stories.


Anyway, I’m absolutely convinced that there never was a better time to think properly about “Spirinomics”. Didn’t we sense it already last year? I’m so proud of us J


State-Controlled Communism has collapsed and Unregulated Neoliberal Capitalism will collapse soon. Actually, both is good because both systems are not really honest about how humans behave.


Too much trust in “the state” doesn’t help because there are “bad” people at work who use their positions in the Leviathan sense.


Too much trust in “the market” doesn’t help because there are “bad” people at work who use their positions to exploit people.


It’s really simple. You don’t need many equations to figure this out.


So what the hell can we do??? Are we doomed???


I still don’t know if they are right, but there are spiritual people on this planet who claim that the root cause for all our troubles (including the collapse of economies) is that we THINK we are separated from each other, that we perceive us as separate entities. With labels such as nationality, religion, sex, class, …


But they say: It’s not true. It is an illusion.


And if we were able to overcome this illusion (for the economists: to get out of this kind of prisoners’ dilemma), the world would for sure become a better place.


Because if we fully believed that we are all one, we just couldn’t continue to treat each other badly. Why would you treat yourself badly?


There would be a change. Could this be Spirinomics?


I don’t know and don’t want to be too idealistic, but hey, Rish, Kat, Tea, we need a concept!


Haven’t heard from you for a while. Come on, write down your ideas. Let me know.


What needs to happen?


P.S. Some wise people said already years ago that 2008 – 2012 would be “the years of transformation”. I can only hope that we will use this time to bring about a positive change. There is a lot at stake. It will probably get very serious in the next years. So we need to be prepared J


P.S.2: is still a very good link – remember?

And “The Power of Now” (by Eckhard Tolle) is a good start to try and cure all our neuroses that might ultimately destroy this planet if we don’t heal them properly.