It’s okay that a crappy system dies: Let go!

17 11 2008

 By Economicsfairy

Right in the middle of today’s doom and gloom, I found this here: “The Five Stages of Collapse” (by someone who survived the fall of the Soviet system and therefore must know what he is talking about). He believes that “financial pyramid schemes and globalized comsumerism” are done. (Well, so do I 😉 And that’s the good part of the news, right?

Anyway, even though the title may sound rather apocalyptic, it’s actually a great piece. It’s very honest about the current economic situation which I think is good because there is no point denying what’s happening all around us. Unfortunately, most of our politicians still pretend that they can do something to “rescue” the economies. Rescuing a nearly dead patient. They don’t seem to have understood the trouble we’re in or they don’t want to talk about it. Which is somehow funny, but also scary. I mean what does it help if you suffer from a terminal illness and you just try to make everyone believe that you are fine?

This piece is honest, but at the same time encouraging: It’s all about how the collapse will come and happen, about its different stages, how certain things are inevitable – but also full of hope.

It’s about how the extraordinary difficult times that we are entering can bring change – the change this world needs so badly. How people can help each other, what we can do to protect us, how neighbourhood support can develop, communities, “alternative living arrangements”, how we can learn to carry each other through this chaos when even the state might not be able to function properly at some point.

It is a kind of survival guide from an experienced surviver. A manual for collapse. About how we can live with less and develop characteristics that are better for us and the world.

We might even see the beginning of a new era if we manage to transform the coming chaos and possible darkness.

For the more “spiritual” people among you: Think of the situation as if the universe presented us with a great opportunity to train abilities like: letting go, taking care of each other, finding out about what truly matters … Not easy at all, but demanding. And fulfilling.

All right then, don’t you worry: Apocalypse, here we come!!!

And remember what the Chinese say: Embrace Tiger, Return to the Mountain … 😉




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