Money as Debt

16 01 2009

By Economicsfairy

One of the big big problems today – actually, THE root cause for the current worldwide trouble is the fractional reserve banking system which basically and on a very simple level means that banks can create money out of nothing (by granting credit just as they wish and demanding interest for it), thus fuelling every possible bubble on the planet as long as there are still enough greedy idiots who most willingly join this ponzi scheme game.

But because of the fact that there is always more money to be repaid than actually exists and because of the exponential interest rate function, the whole system is just NOT sustainable. Never. Not even if you introduce a “social market economy”. All that happens is that the super-rich bankers become richer and richer, and literally start to enslave the rest of the world at some point. Think about it. Carefully.

It’s mathematics. You can’t fight it.

Our system is totally fucked. It can’t go on like that for much longer. We will see it crash. And after that, we REALLY have to make sure that we never EVER rebuild it like it was. We need something new.

Have a look at the film here, it’s all very well explained, really no time waste:

It’s in English, with German subtitles.

Makes me wonder why we haven’t been told this properly by our professors. Although I think I actually HAVE been told this, but I remember that the prof made it sound very sophisticated and brilliant and economist-like, a la “banks know what they are doing and it’s absolutely not in their interest to fuck up a country” … that kind of thing.


Thank goodness, reality has finally stepped in and taught us the real thing.

Hopefully not too late.

Think about it.