Concerning the crisis, we need to promote free money

27 10 2009

By Economicsfairy

Yes, there’ll be more on possible remedies concerning our rotten monetary system soon (sorry, quite busy, as usual, and I’m still working to figure out all this myself); anyway, as I pointed out in an entry earlier this year, the underlying trouble is charging interest.

A guy called Sivio Gesell has described these problems about a 100 years ago and apparently, found a solution which is called “free money”. You might want to do some research on that for yourself, here is a very quick overview:

(They’re all in English, so don’t worry)

It seems to me that this is the way we should go, apart from the free trade suggestions (and in some areas of Germany, local currencies are quite popular already), but it’ll still be a long way of informing, lobbying and so on.

This is what they’ve done in London quite recently to set up the “Brixton Pound” as a local currency:


Talking about WAKING UP …

27 10 2009

By Economicsfairy

…. as I just did:

If you want to know what’s really going on these days (particularly behind the scenes), it’s always quite a good idea to watch the stuff below (many of you might know it already, and it was posted here several times, but nevertheless): (both films quite eye-opening)

Also: “The Obama Deception”

(just google for different subtitles)

Enjoy and think!

Please don’t have the “swine flu” vaccination

27 10 2009

By Economicsfairy

I know that this topic is not directly related to our usual discussion of economics and spirituality here, but I feel that it is very important to warn as many people as possible about the current “swine flu” vaccination scam.

So please take some time and get yourself and others informed, this is what I sent to many friends already, it is quite urgent:

Dear all,

hope this finds you well and still in good health! 🙂

PLEASE have a look at the website here, your health, even your life might be at stake at some point, unfortunately, one can’t be sure anymore these days:
(with translations into many languages)

Some people have already DIED after the vaccination, for example in Sweden:
Also, serious side effects have already been reported, and many people are concerned about possible long-term effects.

And: This puppet on a string president BO declares a “national emergency” (must be very concerned indeed to get the bloody vaccine into his people), but:

“Obama’s daughters are not to get “swine flu” jabs because of risk”

(original source: Fox)

Hm. How nice to not care about his daughters and selflessly leave enough vaccine for the sick and elderly in his country or whoever might be a “risk group”. Can’t be so dangerous then, this ominous “swine flu” …

But why declare a “national emergency” in the first place? Apparently, there is no great cause for concern or some great panic, neither in the US nor anywhere else – it seems all a bit cooked up to me.

“Obama declares H1N1 Flu ‘National Emergency'”

“President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic, but why?”

“Obama’s H1N1 Emergency Declaration, Is Martial Law Unfolding?”
(This is what I suspected in earlier emails, you might remember, although last year I would never have thought of something like “swine flu”, rather of the “financial crisis” as a pretext, but it was clear that they planned some event in order to declare a “national emergency” with the door then open to the implementation of martial law and the like.

Remember? Joe Biden had talked quite mysteriously about something that was bound to happen within the first six months of Obamas presidency that would force him to take harsh measures or so (yes, these people know history in advance because they plan quite a lot of it ;-)… hm …

When this ridiculous “swine flu” started in April, I became a bit suspicious, but first couldn’t fully believe it. Could this be “the event” that would later trigger a “national emergency” and worse? Sadly enough, it looks like it now.

And also, we can now much better understand what these abominable FEMA camps might be about:

I think the “swine flu” is certainly about big money for the pharma industry, they are all linked to the WHO, the US government, the corporate media and the like; and conveniently enough, the WHO already raised the level of influenza pandemic alert to 6 for no particular reason (all this enough to be very concerned), BUT: it might be even worse …

The US is now on the brink of possibly losing civil liberties and becoming a kind of dictatorship, where then, of course, mass vaccinations could be enforced and many other really bad things made possible. Some people also talk of bioterrorism – with our governments (actually, the people behind them) being the terrorists. Who knows. Just be smart and suspicious and alert these days, please!

Overall, provides quite a good compilation of highly interesting facts from all over the world with regards to the “swine flu” – that was probably engineered, including the media hype, and that still seems to be pretty harmless, compared with for example, about 15000 deaths produced by the “normal” seasonal flu per year, in Germany alone (nobody cares).

Similar figures can be found in other industrial countries (in proportion to the population size, of course). These numbers haven’t been reached so far, not even on a worldwide scale, as far as I know. At any rate, the vaccination could cause much more harm than the actual “swine flu” that apparently many people contracted already without even noticing since it is so harmless.

Honestly, don’t fall for the daily rubbish churned out by the mass and mainstream media (although some do report in a bit more balanced way now, I’ve noticed), this whole “swine flu” bullshit scam stinks. I’m not entirely sure, of course, but would strongly urge people NOT to have this shot. The vaccination for sure can’t have been properly tested in such a short time:

“Swine flu vaccinations rushed through safety checks”
(actually, there were FAR MORE comments in summer, all anti-vaccination, and most of them DELETED by now. I couldn’t get an anti-comment through, and similar censorship concerning all sorts of topics can be experienced in the German media forums as well. So much about freedom of speech, opinion and the like.)

BTW, critical doctors are sometimes dismissed, for example, when they state that this virus MUST be something artificial, probably created in a laboratory, see the case of this Swedish lady:

“Fired Swedish doctor suspects the WHO”

See also:
“Sceptical Swedish doctors forbidden to talk about the mass vaccinations”

Actually, the woman who has set up the above-mentioned site (Jane Burgermeister), an Austrian-Irish investigative journalist who studied in Edinburgh and now lives in Vienna, has been fired as well, after having filed criminal charges against Baxter and others … But read for yourself.

(And there might be a new rule of thumb in these strange times of ours: If someone looses his/her job under such circumstances or if something doesn’t appear in the mainstream media or only for a short time, they’ve quite probably hit the truth or came pretty close.)

Anyway, no more doom and gloom, we have to know all this, but we should not despair – and I am SOOO happy to have found out that the number of people who don’t let themselves be fooled by this outrageous hype and others is on the rise!

People around the globe start to wake up (not only considering the “swine flu”, but also generally to what is going on more and more openly). In Germany, for example, about 90% of the people do not want this vaccination – brilliant, guys, I’m very proud of you!!! But also everywhere else, most people seem NOT to want the vaccine, many medical professionals are concerned and refuse to give this shot to anyone, see the list of articles on the flucase-website.

Many people have also started to take action: protests, internet, petitions, legal action and the like. So don’t say we can’t do anything, and if it’s only passing on the important information to your family, friends, colleagues and other people who are dear to you. And, resisting the pressure to have the shot, of course.

Obviously, everyone needs to make a decision for him/herself, but we need to get a grip on the situation and at least acquaint ourselves with the facts that are often omitted by corporate media – scary and horrible and weird as they may seem.

But then again, government atrocities against their own people or other people, for that matter (or allowing this) have always happened throughout history. And in recessions, governments often become repressive. Also, we know them to have lied to us so often (see Iraq and the laughable “WMD”), and apparently, they don’t seem to be bothered that much by the dying that’s going on there and elsewhere.

For the people living in Scotland: Some brilliant Scots have set this up, I’m about to get in touch with them:
(a protest in Edinburgh against possible mandatory vaccinations in December, down the Royal Mile)
You might want to take part.

And even if they want to force us, we can still do something, you can refer to the Nuremberg Code, go to court etc. They just can’t detain large numbers of people or send the police to every resisting person, even if they wanted to. So it’s up to us, we need to link all over. They might use more subtle pressure though (threat of job loss, as already happens in the US in some cases I’ve heard of), but still:

There is so much out there, folks, protests everywhere, more and more people who start to see through the lies we’re told on a daily basis (BTW, a good start to actually “do” something, is of course, just reducing the consumption of mainstream media, certainly TV), check out the stuff on the net and team up with people in your area.

Together, we’ll fight the liars and bastards in companies and governments and this New World Order-clique all over (the scary “world government” is already mentioned in UK media, do some research on that and read “1984”, you might be in for a slight shock, but then you’ll know what I mean). The next years won’t be easy, not at all, but we’ll make it, I’m sure. Just be prepared and prepare others.

Anyway, thanks for your attention, protect yourself, your family and friends and please get other people informed!

Good luck and keep going

PS There’s much talk about this “consciousness shift” that is about to happen within the next years (or has started already), I don’t know if it’s true, but anyway, it seems to me that more and more people wake up and see the lies all around, and this will certainly be of help! 🙂