Concerning the crisis, we need to promote free money

27 10 2009

By Economicsfairy

Yes, there’ll be more on possible remedies concerning our rotten monetary system soon (sorry, quite busy, as usual, and I’m still working to figure out all this myself); anyway, as I pointed out in an entry earlier this year, the underlying trouble is charging interest.

A guy called Sivio Gesell has described these problems about a 100 years ago and apparently, found a solution which is called “free money”. You might want to do some research on that for yourself, here is a very quick overview:

(They’re all in English, so don’t worry)

It seems to me that this is the way we should go, apart from the free trade suggestions (and in some areas of Germany, local currencies are quite popular already), but it’ll still be a long way of informing, lobbying and so on.

This is what they’ve done in London quite recently to set up the “Brixton Pound” as a local currency:




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